Kids Party Catering in Adelaide Adults Party Catering in Adelaide Delicious Cupcakes in Adelaide

Kids Party Catering

Based in the Adelaide suburbs.

We’re excited to make your child’s birthday party special by catering and delivering freshly made party food for your children and adult guests.

Every item on our menu is freshly handmade using the highest quality ingredients from local sources. We don't believe in using pre-packaged or frozen foods and there are no nuts in our children's menu items.

We help to make your party stress free so that you can enjoy the day too.

Call Linda on 8336 2512 or email us to find out how we can make your kids party really special.

Adults Party Catering

Based in the Adelaide suburbs.

We specialize in catering for small parties and those special occasions.

Our delicious cocktail finger food is made fresh, using only the highest quality and locally sourced ingredients. Impress your guests with our fabulously presented food selection from our exquisite menu

Adult party catering can add that extra something to you party and make it stand out from the rest.

Call Linda on 8336 2512 or email us to start planning your next event.

Delicious Cupcakes

Based in the Adelaide suburbs.

The original Delicious Cupcakes are made fresh for your special occasion.

Children and adults alike love the look, texture and taste of our Delicious Cupcakes.

Only the very best ingredients such as Madagascar vanilla and South Australian free range eggs are used in our delicious cupcakes. No nut products are used.

Delicious Cupcakes can make your baby shower, engagement, birthday or any other event complete!

Call Linda on 8336 2512 or email us to place an order.

kids party catering, adults party catering and delicious cupcakes are all proudly South Australian owned and operated.