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What Is The Best Scratch Resistant Flooring? | PRO! Flooring

Why so popular? Because you can choose luxury vinyl to mimic hardwood planks yet be more functional and affordable in the process. The biggest advantage vinyl plank flooring has that makes it so popular is because it is 100 percent water resistant. That means any surface spills won’t affect the flooring.

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What Type of Wood Floor Is Scratch-Resistant? | Hunker

Whether you opt for oak maple hickory or an exotic hardwood choosing prefinished boards is the best way to ensure scratch resistance. Mitigating Scratch Damage If exotic flooring is outside your budget or you have a big dog with substantial claws that will likely scratch whatever flooring you install you can use a few strategies to

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Impact Resistant Flooring - Floors Insusceptible to Abuse

Thus it is not a stretch of the imagination to consider all the damage that heels such as those have made on soft wood flooring and such. Now for the good news; there is indeed impact resistant flooring that fits all of those needs and more. The name of this product is Slikal.

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Genuine sliced-face hardwood veneer wear-layer. 100% Waterproof hardwood flooring (encapsulated veneer) Rigid core for exceptional impact and dent resistance. Thermo-acoustic 1mm attached pad (STC=68 / IIC = 66) Installer friendly locking system. Can be floated over or glued directly to subfloor. 9 coat DURALOX® with 8° matte finish

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Flooring with the Woodura® surface leaves you with much less worries. No more indents from high heels toys or dropped objects and no more wear marks from running pets or children's toys. With outstanding impact and wear resistance these easily installed floors are suitable for virtually every room in a home or commercial areas.

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Wood Standards - ASTM International

Standard Test Method for Testing Wood-Base Panel Corner Impact Resistance: D7033 - 14: Standard Practice for Establishing Design Capacities for Oriented Strand Board (OSB) Wood-Based Structural-Use Panels: D7433 - 19: Standard Test Method for Measuring Surface Water Absorption of Overlaid Wood-Based Panels: D7770 - 12(2019)

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Best Flooring From Consumer Reports' Tests

To test a floor’s resistance to denting we drop a heavy blunt weight that has the same impact as a large can of tomatoes plus objects that are smaller lighter and pointier that serve as

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